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NORD-OST, Moscow Production

The first Russian world-level musical NORD-OST opened up in Moscow on October 19, 2001.
The Moscow production of NORD-OST received an overwhelming response from the audience: month after month, on a daily schedule, full houses, standing ovation. Theatre experts also had their say: as the best musical, NORD-OST was awarded the Golden Mask - the highest prize of the Russian national theatre.  

NORD-OST, International Touring Version

By the autumn of 2004, the musical has been adapted to go on tour throughout Russia. On November 19, NORD-OSTs new version premiered with great success in Nizhny Novgorod.
Technically, the Moscow production of NORD-OST is one of the most sophisticated shows in the world, and in the touring version the creative team managed to keep all the major special effects. Similar to the stationary production, every performance of the touring version features the life-size bomber plane landing on stage right in front of the spectators eyes.

The launch of the touring production also makes it possible for NORD-OST to tour internationally. At present, LINK has initiated the translation of the musical into English and German.  

LINK Production Company

LINK Production Company, a private Russian company headquartered in Moscow, was established in 1996. From the start, the companys strategy was aimed at staging and presenting daily-running musicals based on the advanced theatre technologies.  


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