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Veniamin Kaverin

  • Author of the Novel "Two Captains"

  • (1902-1989)
    Famous Soviet Russian writer. He wrote novels, short stories, fairy tales, memoirs, and biographies. In the early 1920s, Veniamin Kaverin was a member of experimental literary group "Serapionovi bratya".
    "Two Captains" - is the most famous novel by Veniamin Kaverin. The success of the book was a complete surprise for the author. The novel Two Captains is being republished yearly after its first publication in 1944. This book by Kaverin is interesting both for children and for the adults, for men and women. Readers acknowledgement made out of the novel Two Captains one of the Russian literature classics.
    Twice - in 1955 and in 1976 - a screen version of the novel was made.
    The author managed to tactfully and masterly use the genuine Russian history facts, biographies and characters of the real people in a work of art with a pointed adventure storyline.
    But, as was mentioned by the author himself, readers fall in love with his book mostly because of the fact that this novel is about truth and thirst of justice.
    The book convinced that regardless of most rough trials people are able to keep human dignity and their love.

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