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Creative team

Maxim Goutkin

  • Conductor, chorus master

  • Graduated Moscow State Conservatory under the name of P.I.Chajkovsky (Choral Conducting Department, a Class under direction of B.G.Tevlina), then Assistentory - a Class of Opera Conducting under direction of professor V.S.Sinjavsky. Musical director and conductor of approximately 20 music theatrical performances, among which are: "Snow Maiden", " the Fairy Tale on Tsar Saltane " N.A.Rimsky Korsakov, " the Violet of Montmartre " I.Kalman (theatre " Ekspromt "), " And why you are in a dress coat? " (Theatre «School of the modern play "), "Boris Godunov" (Confederation of Theatrical Unions, director D.Donavan)

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