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Spectators comments

  Claude-Michel Schonberg, composer, author of the famous musicals "Les Miserables" and "Miss Saigon"
I think that you are working for the benefit of your country's progress when creating your own musical and not importing one from abroad. We, the French, thought like this when producing "Les Miserables" and it turned out that we created it for the whole of the world. When we were staging "Les Miserables" for the first time, everybody, excluding Cameron Mackintosh, the producer who made the project to be realised, kept saying: "You are crazy! It is not right! It is not a musical! It cannot be performed in English!" Nobody could even imagine at that time that the show would be running on stage for twenty years. I hope that it will be the same way with yours.
  Boris Yeltsin, First President of the Russian Federation
Without doubt, this performance is a very bold solution and it is quite extraordinary! It is unusual for our culture, our theatre and our stage. I am sure that your names will become well-known not just in this country but, as time passes, abroad too.
I liked the whole performance in general, the combination of dramatic and comic things, combination of solo and choir singing Crowd scenes are staged brilliantly, there are a lot of interesting mises en scene and unexpected solutions especially in the second act, including the airplane. It is unusual, fascinating - to land a life-size plane on the stage! This is a very strong technical solution.
I liked it. Well done! I wish you success! I will recommend people to see your performance!
  Dmitri Zimin, AO VimpelCom, President
There was not a single person among the people surrounding me who did not consider this enterprise as a pure venture from the economic point of view. But what an attractive venture! I admire Georgii Vasilyev and all other participants. My congratulations!
It is one of the performances, if not the only one, that communicates romance of those times to the audience, it is very kind and noble. Of course, I do not regret that I invested money into this project. If not into it, where should you invest at all?
  Boris Nemtsov, Head of the Group "Soyuz Pravikh Sil" (Union of Right Wing Forces)
In my opinion, everything was high class. The point is that I have seen a number of American musicals on Broadway.Happy end, joyful, all is clear! But something Russian, ours, was missing. I think that NORD-OST is a Russian, energetic, quick-tempered, joyful and at the same time quite intelligent and teaching performance. Before, I have been of the opinion that the Russian soil will not accept American ways. But in the result we have a Russian performance, and not an American one. Just the dynamics is different.

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