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Spectators comments

  Vladimir Menshov, Producer, Oscar Winner 1980 (film: "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears")
Simply beautiful sensation! Real event in theatre life! This is actually a Russian musical. We play on their grounds, and we do not lose but win! It is remarkably thought through: the first thing is the idea, what is taken as a basis, this is excellent first of all, and then goes everything which is connected with performing: the staging aspects, actor work, music and the orchestra performance. I think it is a simply outstanding theatre event, which we should develop and of which we should be as proud as of the flight across the North Pole.
  Sergei Mironov, Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Chairman
Well done! Frankly speaking, I worried a lot about Kaverin's original but now I am sure that there is nothing to worry about. The music is beautiful. I saw "Cats" some time ago and I can compare. From the spectacular point of view these two performances are at least equal, our show is not worse. I have a feeling that some musical themes from this performance can also become hits. In particular, "At the Pier", in my opinion, is already a hit. I have memorized it.
The acting is brilliant. Sanya Grigoriev is beyond praise. He is a real positive hero!
My daughter awaited the appearance of the plane with a sinking heart, and I could not guess myself, where and how it would appear, until I saw it with my own eyes.
I think you succeeded in your efforts and I wish you future success.
  Arthur Chilingarov, Vice-Speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, scientist, polar explorer
A good performance. Especially for me, as a patriot of Arctic opening up, as a polar explorer. It is not an Americanized topic, but a Russian one: the history of the Soviet Union, the history of polar exploration and this is good. The attitude towards polar explorers have always been that of respect and love. I should say, that the performance is well made from the professional point of view. The landing of the plane is just fantastic. I even went backstage. It is a pity we have not brought flowers today. But I will sure attend the performance again.

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